Center Reach Communications

We are a public relations and content management firm that relates to our clients AND with the media. We craft messages. Position leaders. Write speeches. And bylines. And blog posts. Letters. You name it.

we reach for the center.

We believe that every person and group of people (hello, corporation, organization, small business and chain) has a singular, attention-worthy, sell-it-to-me kind of story. Our purpose is to cut through the noise, find the story, develop its characters (that’s you) and tell it to the world.


After becoming a mom, our founder realized that labors of love are the most powerful. So she crafted a structure that supported this principle – one that got rid of the little things to make room for the big ones. She quickly found like-minded individuals; experts who recognize the power of passion.

do what you are doing.

We’re a consortium of experts who only work with innovative, best-in-class brands, the ones we would use and love. What is the result? Passion, focus,
and experience – all at work for you.

We engage only longtime experts with relationships that work for you.

We create thoughtful campaigns that reach to the center of your business.

We are a collective of nimble problem-solvers in all aspects of marketing.

We focus on YOUR work, not ours. Overhead is low and output is high.

We bill only for hours worked, with no markups or administrative costs.


We tell behind-the-scenes stories for businesses providing products and services to consumers and other businesses in segments including A/E/C, Franchising, Food Service, Professional Services, Real Estate and Technology.

to sound like an expert, hire one.

We are a collective of experts. We don’t have interns reporting to account execs reporting to VPs and CEOs. Our org chart is like a tree trunk. Like the rings of a tree, our years of experience reinforce the whole. We stand together, rooted in the ground. With our eyes and minds looking up to the big blue sky. Our client work is strong, our reach broad, and our sole aim is YOUR growth.

Media Relations
Media Training
Crisis/Reputation Management
Spokesperson Training

Thought Leadership
Influencer Relations
Expert Positioning
Content Creation

Award Recognition
Celebrity Sponsorship Management
Trade Show Planning & Support

Brand Building
Communication Strategy
Content Strategy




Tracy and I have worked together since 2004, on a wide range of projects. Whatever the industry, Tracy can quickly develop a strong understanding of the client and its business objectives, and how public relations tactics can drive awareness and results.

Along with her team, Tracy is always learning and growing to meet her client’s needs, while staying grounded in the core tactics that work – telling the right story to the right people at the right time, using the right medium. I appreciated this balance. I never felt the team was recommending an approach “just because.” Their advice comes from a place of real understanding. That understanding expands to Tracy’s relationships with clients, too. She has a knack for listening and cares deeply about the business and the people that run it.

Kathleen MacDonald
Former Senior Vice President Marketing


Tracy Henderson Center Reach Communications

Tracy Henderson


With more than fifteen years as a leader in public relations in Denver and Dallas, Tracy offers the expert counsel to define a brand’s reputation and create finely-tuned awareness campaigns. She keeps her eye on the bottom line, using tactics that deliver the highest ROI.

Elizabeth Conrad

graphic design partner

A top-ranking creative director/designer with more than 20 years’ experience in advertising, design and marketing on local, national, and global level, Elizabeth develops cutting-edge design that delivers.

Jessica Nussbaum, MBA

strategy and omni-channel engagement

Jessica Nussbaum has spent 25 years driving revenue through smart, omni-channel marketing leading everything from start-ups in an IPO stage to divisions at large established companies. Whatever the environment, she is passionate about data and the stories it tells.

Ashley Clontz

strategy, content, media relations

Ashley’s decade of all-around PR experience started at global marketing and PR agencies where she contributed to bold campaigns for leading Fortune 100 companies. Her creative take on content strategy and eye for detail helps brands build momentum and sustain it.

Becca Center Reach Communications

Rebecca Wilkins

strategy and media relations

Rebecca combines a deep knowledge of PR with excellent client service to deliver creative, results-driven campaigns. Her nearly 20 years in PR and communications includes co-founding a Dallas-based PR firm supporting industry-leading retail, hospitality, & food service brands.

Susanna Donato

copy editor

An award-winning writer, editor and communications consultant with a love for the pristine written word, Susanna meticulously edits everything we write, from bylines to press releases, while providing informed, strategic recommendations for capturing an audience.

Stephanie Hlavin

content creation

Stephanie has served freelance and in-house roles with tech companies throughout her 15-year career. Her strategic content taps into the shared human condition to create a quality — and memorable — user experience.

Alexandra Campbell

Alexandra Campbell

strategy, influencer and media relations

Alexandra (she/her) is a digital communications strategist who works with organizations to craft compelling narratives that reinforce marketing and public relations goals. Throughout her 10+ years as a freelancer, she has garnered success for clients across several industries, including finance, health & fitness, lifestyle, and the not-for-profit sector.

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores Poulalier

strategy, influencer and media relations

A trained journalist turned social media expert, Jessica specializes in connecting brands with social media influencers that change minds. She has created targeted influencer campaigns for clients in health and wellness, food, fashion, fitness, home and travel.

Caitlin Mock Wilson

media relations

With more than a decade of experience in advertising, PR and communications, Caitlin tells stories that move the needle. Her experience in healthcare, higher education and hospitality informs her strategic media relations support for CRC’s B2B clients including HomeSphere and IMA.

Mindy Charski

content creation

Mindy started her career writing family newsletters in junior high stripes and never stopped. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism, her byline appears in august publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Adweek, AARP The Magazine and Entrepreneur and her always-clean content always engages readers.

Leigh Villegas

Leigh Villegas

media relations and content creation

With more than 20 years as a journalist and communications consultant, Leigh uses quality content and expert PR skills to help innovative organizations communicate effectively. A bilingual speaker and writer with experience in international business and emerging technology, she can support diverse clients in a variety of markets.


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Dallas TX 75248


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